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My Music.

The music on this site and the Phillip Jackson YouTube channel is a mix of acoustic and electric instrumental compositions. The themes of the tracks vary though many have been inspired by ambient, futuristic or fantasy themes. Real life sound samples also can be heard on some tracks (on the YouTube channel tracks, from the chanting monks of Kyoto, in the track The Chant, to the sound of a flowing stream recorded at Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto, Japan on the track Chalice Well.).

Youtube channel -

The tracks below are electric compositions and the tracks below right are acoustic compositions.






Aria AMB-30 acoustic electric guitar.

Ibanez GIO electric guitar.

Epiphone Gibson Flying V electric guitar.

Fernandes (single coil) electric guitar.

Grass Roots Les Paul electric guitar.

Maestro by Gibson Les Paul guitar.

All tracks recorded using Tracktion DAW software via a Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 adapter. 


For more information contact either through the website, via Youtube by following the about link or on facebook @phillipjacksonmusic .

Thank you for listening and enjoy the music!

Gravity - Phillip Jackson
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Beorn - Phillip Jackson
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A new album featuring a selection of ten acoustic and electric instrumental tracks by Phillip Jackson is available to download now from band camp by following the link below.

All tracks were composed and recorded by Phillip Jackson between 2017 and 2018.

Drifting Skies - Phillip Jackson
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Calm Before The Storm - Phillip Jackson
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The Dance - Phillip Jackson
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Dark Shadows - Phillip Jackson
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The Gathering of the Clouds - Phillip Jackson
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Jaded Rose Album Taster

Jaded Rose Album Taster

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