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Over the years Phillip Jackson has played in a number of bands and with musicians both in the UK and Japan. Starting out with the five piece classic rock group Jaded Rose in 1992, the band (Phillip Jackson on guitar, Adrian Troop on bass, Justin Morris on vocals and keyboard, Phil Johnson

on guitar, and Tony Mitchell

on drums) played some great

live gigs for two years in the

North of England. As well as

covering classic rock tunes

the band also incorporated

some of  their own original

material, recording the

original prog-rock track Butterfly Glade

Between 94 & 95 Phillip and drummer Tony Mitchell put together a soul, blues, rock outfit, Sentimental Overdose, with multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nick Battles.

Relocating to London in '95 Phillip

joined the MC5/Cult inspired band

The Bad Lizard Club. Quickly picking

up management and garnering

record company interest the Lizards

found a good following through

playing live at notable London venues.

Even after the disbandment of The Bad Lizard Club, offers of live performances kept coming in and the group did play some of the requests including at the renowned Dublin Castle in Camden. Phillip and Lizard drummer Sebastien Tranchand continued to play, with bassist Pat Briscoe, as a jamming trio plus other revolving musicians, at the famous Scar Studios in London, and under the moniker 'The Ungrateful Alive' many epic jam sessions were played (and some recorded though now unfortunately lost).

Around this time Phillip also contributed guitar to a studio album 'CARNIVAL' with ex-Jaded Rose and Sentimental Overdose members.

In 2003 Phillip relocated again, this time to Kyoto Japan. Becoming involved in the Japanese live music scene Phillip has, since 2004, been writing the music pages for the magazine Kansai Scene, contributing gig listings, band pick-up information and interviewing band members (including Soul Asylum, Eddi Reader, Adrian Vandenberg, Level 42, The Stick Men, Gus G, Praying Mantis, Ben Watt).


Although moving back to the UK for a brief period, Phillip has been based and living in Kyoto, Japan again since 2012. In 2016 he collaborated with his old band mate and friend Adrian Troop, who had been working on music under the title ULTRAMORPHIC, with guitar parts for one of Adrian's ULTRAMORPHIC  tracks called Double Negative Dub. "Although living thousands of miles apart on different sides of the globe, through the power of modern recording technology it's as easy as if we are both in the same recording studio!" The link to the finished track is here -

Adrian had also been working on a new album

of instrumental music. After finishing the

Double Negative track Phillip began work on

adding guitar to all of the tracks of the album.

The guitar recording took about eight months

to complete and the album is available to

download from BANDCAMP. For full details go

to the JADED ROSE page on this website. 


Since then Phillip has also been recording some of his newer instrumental electric and acoustic original tracks. On this site in the 'My Songs' page you will find some of those pieces. You can also listen to Phillip's music at his YouTube channel, please go to -

For further information you can also visit and like the Facebook page @phillipjacksonmusic


And for Twitter go to @pjacksonmusic

Two albums featuring a selection of Phillip's instrumentals recorded between 2017 and 2019 are also now available to download from Bandcamp at the following link.

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