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Jaded Rose was a band that pushed the boundaries, a band that went where others feared to musically tread. Starting out in 1992 as a classic rock covers band playing the songs that their contemporaries deemed too difficult, it wasn't long before half of their nearly two hour live sets comprised of original material.

The band was founded by Adrian Troop (bass) and Phillip Jackson (guitar) who were later joined by Justin Morris (vocals), Tony Mitchell (drums), and Phil Johnson (guitar), and with this line-up Jaded Rose played live for a two year period around the north of England. Press quotes read "The fact that they have the confidence to play for so long underlines the quality of their musicianship", "Jaded Rose were the last band on and played a blinding set", "This band have already got quite a loyal following judging by the number of people at this gig", "Jaded Rose, are pretty much 'band of the moment'".

Although the band eventually went their separate ways the five members have continued to musically interact from time to time. It was last year though that this most recent project came about when Adrian Troop, recording under the moniker ULTRAMORPHIC, asked guitarist Phillip Jackson to record a lead solo on a new track, Double Negative Dub. Adrian also had another project that he had been working on, a full length instrumental concept album called The Voyage of Life. Adrian asked Phillip if he would be interested in recording lead guitar work on the album tracks and this recording process started in December 2016 and continued through to the summer of 2017. Even though the two now live on different sides of the globe (Adrian in England, and Phillip in Japan), the wonders of modern recording technology made the project possible!

The theme/concept of the album is a disastrous voyage to sea mirroring the highs, lows, and challenges of life with track titles including Through the Storm, Reality of Solitude, and Building the Raft. The album also features saxophonist Nick Battles (who has recorded and played live with Phillip and Adrian in the past) on two tracks, and Jake Troop on acoustic rhythm guitar also on two tracks. As the musical genre is somewhat different from Adrian's ULTRAMORPHIC work, the idea came up to revert back to the band name that Adrian and Phillip had started out with, JADED ROSE, and this new album is released on October 9th 2017 to coincide with and celebrate the twenty five year anniversary since Jaded Rose’s first live show back in 1992!

The album will be available to download from Bandcamp with all proceeds going to the charity Dementia UK.

Jaded Rose Album Taster

Jaded Rose Album Taster

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Jaded Rose in 1992 left to right Phillip Jackson (guitar), Tony Mitchell (drums), Justin Morris (vocals, keyboard), Adrian Troop (bass), Philip Johnson (guitar).

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